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Virgin Media Inc. (formerly known as ntl:Telewest, after a merger of NTL Incorporated with Telewest Global, Inc.), became in 2006 the first "quadruple-play" media company in the United Kingdom, bringing together a so-called "quad play" service consisting of television, Internet, mobile phone and fixed-line telephone services.

Virgin Media represents a prime example of telecommunication convergence. As the only major cable company in the United Kingdom, it competes in the UK digital television market with one other major pay-TV operator, satellite-based BSkyB, and with Freeview, a free-to-air terrestrial service.

While a US-headquartered organisation, Virgin Media only operates in the United Kingdom, with operational headquarters in Hook, North Hampshire. On July 1, 2007 it emerged that the private equity investment firm The Carlyle Group had initiated discussions to acquire Virgin Media Inc. but recent movements in the global credit-market have put potential acquisition opportunties on hold.
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