Shared Co Location and Rack Space

Are you unsure of whether to have co-location by the U? Why don’t you look at rack space?

Having a rack gives you the option of adding more servers and other core equipment at no extra cost.

You know how much you pay you can add to your rack without worry about availability.

We are confident we will not be beaten on price or customer service.

Datatech UK offer flexible solutions for ¼ racks (11u), ½ racks (22u), and full racks (48U) - all provided at a sensible price.
We treat each and every client requirement as individual, and while keeping to a simple and transparent pricing model we will work with you to ensure you have the very best value solution to your requirements. We have no hidden charges.
All racks fed from an electrical supply on an individual 16amp breaker and each cabinet has its own APC UPS systems to ensure our infrastructure can grow in line with our customers' needs.

Features Include


As standard Datatech UK offers resilient power protection, fire protection, physical security and high capacity cooling systems, but the ability to safeguard your systems does not end there. Dual power supplies are available, we can assist in multiple feeds to multiple bandwidth providers, we can even install additional CCTV cameras within your rack space. The options are there for your business critical server equipment to be secured as much as you need them to be against damaging unavailability, and we remain as flexible as possible in working together to achieve exactly what you need.

Co Location by the 'U' (Shared Co-Location)
Standard Features
1 'U' or 0.5Amps - £50 Per Month
2 'U' or 1Amps - £70 Per Month
3 'U' or 1.5Amps - £90 Per Month
4 'U' or 2Amps - £110 Per Month
5 'U' or 2.5Amps - £130 Per Month
  • 100 GBps Data Transfer on 100Mbps Port per month
  • 2 IP Addresses (more available upon request)
  • Remotely Re-Bootable Power Socket (1 as standard)
  • 100% SLA on Power
  • 100% SLA on Cooling
  • 99.95% SLA on Internet Connectivity
  • 6 Month Contract
Setup Fees
Servers couriered to us - £45
Customer accompanied install - £85
Additional IP Addresses are available upon request at no extra charge
Each request is looked at individually based upon RIPE’s guidelines for IP Address allocation
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