Partners working alongside us
We are members of LINX, the London Internet Exchange.

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) like LINX allow ISPs to exchange their traffic - so an email from a customer of ISP 'A' can reach a customer of ISP 'B' through the IXP at which A and B connect their networks.
Similarly, a customer of ISP 'B' can access a website hosted by a customer of ISP 'A' because the data can flow swiftly and cost-effectively between the networks of the two ISPs through the connections made at an IXP.

More than 90 per cent of the Internet traffic exchanged between ISPs in the UK passes through LINX. Peak traffic flows across LINX equipment now total more than 3.044 Terabits per second and over 13.925 Terabits of connected capacity, making LINX one of the largest three IXPs in the world.
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