Telecommunications - Line Rental

Cheaper business calls are fine, but its nice to have cheaper line rental as well. Datatech UK line rental is guaranteed to be 19% cheaper than BT line rental, with savings of upto 20% (saving of £118.44 per month on a 30 channel ISDN 30 line) with no contract.

Does cheap line rental mean lower quality?

No, BT still install and maintain the lines, so its still a BT line, you just pay less for it.

If there is a fault on the line who do I call?

If your line develops a fault, you call our helpdesk who will log the call and raise a fault with BT, if required BT will send an engineer out to fix the line. Our helpdesk team will keep you updated and liase with BT on your behalf until the fault is resolved.

Analogue (PSTN)

ISDN 30 (per channel)


Line Installation

Datatech UK also offer very competitive pricing on new lines, with savings between 10% to 25% compared to  BT (depending on line type, call spend and contract length)

All calls are routed via CPS and LCR across some of the UK's largest telecoms suppliers to ensure exceptional call quality at a low price.

We choose not to hold you in to a contract (unlike many of our competitors) as we know you will like our call rates and service so much that you won't want to switch to any other providor, but if you do feel you can get a better deal elsewhere then we will simply release you lines provided your account is upto date and not in arrears.

If you wish to find out more about Datatech UK's cheap calls please call 01200 400 600 and a member of our sales team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can use our Contact Form or simply call our sales team.

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