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Strata CIX - A Pure IP Communications Solution

Today's enterprises are more dynamic and require you to radically rethink the way your IT infrastructure supports your business needs. IP telephony is a communications technology that creates this competitiveness to stay ahead. Toshiba Strata CIX Pure Voice Over IP Platform IP telephony has matured and evolved into a feasible option for all types of corporate environments. Strata CIX Office is a sophisticated, feature rich, pure IP communication solution from Toshiba that effectively delivers on the promise of IP telephony. Whether you require a solution for your corporate head office, or a system that can be implemented in one or several branch offices, Strata CIX is the modular, rack mounted communication platform designed to fit into a typical IT environment.

Strata CIX Office can be configured as a one or two cabinet system. The two cabinet system has capacity of up to 192 ports, and supports up to 160 IP extensions or up to 96 trunks.


Toshiba’s Strata IP-CIX solutions are scalable up to large-scale enterprises with 128 nodes and 560 IP endpoints on one system. Customers can scale up their network with modular engineering when they require. Toshiba’s Strata IP-CIX is also extendable to communication devices like PC, SoftIPT and Pocket PC.

Cost Effectiveness

A solution using Toshiba’s Strata IP-CIX will enable you to create a cost-effective, converged communication system by integrating voice and data IP traffic into your existing network infrastructures at your own pace.


Toshiba understands that enterprise network uptime is very critical. Therefore Strata IP-CIX solutions are designed to produce a system reliability of 99.999% to protect customers interest and mission-critical operations.


Every business needs to lower their costs and increase its productivity.  An ever increasing trend shows that employees are managing business and extending corporate capability from home offices, branch offices, and even at customer’s sites.  Toshiba’s Strata IP-CIX solutions make communications possible for all employees anywhere, and at anytime.  It also lets you add this capability to your existing Strata CTX telephone system, on an "as-needed" basis, and without disrupting the business flow.

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We install, maintain and supply the complete range of Toshiba Strata CIX products to cater for small, medium and enterprise office solutions. If you would like to find out more please call one of our office team on 01200 400 600 for more information.

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