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ChilliShot will allow you to choose the tariff that best suits your needs to send email marketing campaigns to your customers.

Our tarrifs are clear and simple and best of all very competitive compared to other leading products on the market today such as constant contact and swiftmail.

We have three simple plans all with inclusive emails per month, but if you need additional emails per month then you can simply bolt them on as and when you need them.

The Enterprise product is completely un-limited with regards to how many emails you can send per day, but the Basic and Pro package both come with daily restrictions regarding how many emails you can send.

Select your tarrif below and start to target your customers effectively and track how they respond to you mailshots with our built in eMarketing Stats.

Package  Max Emails Per Day Emails Included Max Users eMail Lists Price
 Basic 500 1000 per month 1 2 £10 per month
 Enterprise Un-Limited 5,000 with setup Un-Limited Un-Limited £100 one off setup

Your emails included will not roll over per month on the Basic and Pro package, but ALL un-used emails will roll over each month for the Enterprise package.

Bolt on email costs for each package are below

 Email Credits Price Per Email Total Price
 1,000 0.95 pence £9.50
 2,000 0.9 pence £18.00
 5,000 0.85 pence £42.50
 10,000 0.8 pence £80.00
 25,000 0.75 pence £187.50
 50,000 0.7 pence £350.00
 100,000 0.65 pence £650.00
 250,000 0.6 pence £1,500.00
 500,000 0.55 pence £2,750.00
 1,000,000 0.5 pence £5,000.00
 2,000,000 0.45 pence £9,000.00
 5,000,000 0.4 pence £20,000.00
 10,000,000 0.35 pence £35,000.00

For more information please visit or contact sales on 08450 133144 for a demo or to discuss pricing options.

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