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Datatech UK provides a multitude of ways to access the Internet from your office, ranging from standard dial-up  and broadband (through existing telephone lines) through to leased lines, with a wide variety of connection speeds from 56k to 100mb.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) - A local loop access technology that provides high-speed connections over copper wire, to deliver data, voice, and video information over a dedicated digital network. Variations of DSL services are also known as ADSL, HDSL, SDSL, VDSL and ISDN.  DSL is a more popular alternative to ISDN and low end Leased Lines, being faster than ISDN and avoiding dial up charges. It is also less costly than traditional Leased Line connectivity.  Datatech UK has many offerings in this field, tailored to meet your every requirement.

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Broadband A digital service that allows you to make, and take, phone calls in the normal way AND be on the Internet at the same time. Online speed up to 10 times faster than a standard line, is one of many benefits that would be available to you.  Datatech UK will deliver an exceptional and cost effective Internet experience via a number of renowned and recognised carriers.

Lease Lines A dedicated private circuit that is rented for exclusive 24-hour, 7-days-a-week use from one location to another (Point-2-Point). This service is completely un-contended (i.e. not used by any other subscribers) unlike Broadband technologies, so that you receive full symmetrical bandwidth in both directions.  The highest speed data connections require a leased line.  Lease line circuits also come with exceptional service level guarantees for reassurance on mission critical applications.

Satellite A Broadband Internet Service can be delivered via satellite, as opposed to standard line technology, for those areas that do not currently have broadband enabled local exchanges. This is based on open standard technology, enabling businesses to fully enjoy the benefits of broadband Internet in a reliable and cost-effective way.

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