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Datatech UK has worked closely with its suppliers to ensure that it has stayed at the forefront of technology, and is now one of an elite group that has the experience required to implement state-of-the-art networks, across multiple sites, and incorporating wireless and IP Telephony solutions.

Datatech UK takes a consultative approach to all LAN/WAN projects, and from initial consultation through to concept and project development, and by working with leading manufacturers, we will optimise practical, working solutions of best quality, to meet and exceed your ownership expectations.

Datatech UK also manages and maintains installations with its own fully trained and accredited support team.  This substantially reduces the cost of customer in-house, or other third party support solutions.



Just like every building has a lock and key, so does every network need to be secure.  The loss or corruption of data can have serious consequences on a business, and with company directors now being held responsible for security breaches, it must be an essential part of every network.

Datatech UK has a dedicated team of security engineers to ensure that every solution implemented by us is secure and resilient.

Using a number of different security technologies, we have the capability to secure even complex multi-site networks.

The following are just some of the security technologies we employ to do that: Firewalls Virus scanning Email filtering Virtual private networks Intrusion detection systems Authentication

As the threat of a security breach increases daily, it is important to work with an experienced partner for security solutions.


Mobility is the new must-have, and there are many benefits to having a business that is mobile.  Many businesses already enjoy an element of mobility with the widespread use of mobile phones, PDA's, and laptops.  However, moving to a completely mobile environment is the ultimate aim.

While some business models lend themselves more to mobility than others, a wireless LAN has a number of benefits that can apply to everyone.  In addition to allowing users to move freely within, and between buildings without any physical attachment, a wireless LAN has a number of other benefits.  For example, it:

Eliminates the need for re-cabling/programming every time someone moves desks. Reduces the cost of connections between buildings Reduces the total cost of ownership of the network. Allows a LAN to be created, where a cabled/wired solution physically could not.i>

Datatech UK has worked with many customers to deliver wireless solutions both within and between buildings.  Its technical expertise in this area comes from our close working relationship with our suppliers.


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